Berlijn Marathon - 20SEP09

Berlijn Marathon - 20SEP09

'go faster: beating 3 hours'

Over the last year I have been training for this marathon. It's now only a few days away: 20 September 2009. Berlin is also the town where I was born almost 40 years ago.
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Berlijn Marathon - 20SEP09

'go faster: beating 3 hours'

While I will be using my lungs to the fullest extent in these 3 hours, chronic bronchitis and emphysema is hindering many people in using their lungs fully. So, while I am using my lungs, I would like you to sponsor me – if you can – by donating to the cure for this condition. You can do very easily:


You may donate a fixed amout or you can link your donation amout to the number of seconds that I will beat 3 hours with, i.e. if I finish in 2:59:00 it will cost you 60 'seconds'. Just click on 'Donaties'!

As this is my second marathon, following the New York City Marathon 2008 (which I ran in 3:06), I am determined run these 42,195 meters in less than 3:00 hours!

If you are interested, you can check up on me during the race: on 20 September. This race starts at 9.00 AM CET.

Wish me luck in beating 3 hours. Stay strong, Alex

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